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Cost-Effective Financial Preparation and Review

Harper, Rains, Knight & Company, P.A. provides a wide range of assurance and consulting services which meet the needs of many industries. We use our long history of traditional services as a base for innovative services to match our client’s needs.

Financial statement reviews

These reviews are a cost-effective service that gives regulators, bankers, and owners a level of comfort less than an audit on historical financial statements without the expense of the stringent audit requirements. This service consists primarily of analytical procedures applied to financial information and inquiries of management.


We produce financial statements based on information provided by management of the entity. Compilations normally involve no testing, analytical procedures, or inquiries and provide no assurance to the financial statement users.

Preparation engagements

This preparation of financial statements does not require the certified public accountant to be independent. This financial statement service is most appropriate when an entity needs monthly financial statements which will be used primarily by management.

Agreed-upon procedures

This cost-effective service is a pinpointed assurance service designed to apply procedures determined by the client and to give a report of exceptions based on the procedures applied.

Prospective financial statements

We can assist you in new business ventures or financing negotiations by preparing forward-looking forecasts or projected financial statements.

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