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Industry-Specific Plan Auditing

With the ever-changing employee benefit plan rules and regulations of the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service, it is imperative that plan sponsors carefully select an accounting firm to perform audits of their employee benefit plans. Such audits encompass industry-specific expertise, including audit, accounting, and compliance issues. Without such expertise, a certified public accounting firm will not be able to perform an effective and efficient audit.

In this regard, Harper, Rains, Knight & Company, P.A. offers:

  • Knowledgeable professionals with extensive, industry-specific experience performing full and limited-scope audits for defined contribution, defined benefit and health, and welfare plans.
  • An employee benefit plan audit approach which relies upon open communication between the auditor, client and plan service providers; extensive planning to facilitate an efficient audit, and significant involvement of directors and managers to ensure quality client service.

HRK is a member of the AICPA’s Employee Benefit Plans Audit Quality Center.

Plan sponsors can be confident in their decision to select Harper, Rains, Knight & Company, P.A. as their employee benefit plan audit service provider.

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